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Awaiting Pope Francis’ arrival in Iraq on Friday, 5 March, Iraqis of all faiths are preparing to welcome him. The Chaldean Patriarch, Cardinal Sako, says hopes are high for a spiritual renewal in the name of fraternity.
A new report released by the United Nation’s children’s fund draws attention to the “catastrophic education emergency worldwide” that the Covid-19 lockdowns have created.
Cardinal Vincent Nichols, President of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, celebrates Mass on Tuesday for all those who have died of Covid-19 in Europe.
Fr Rebwar Basa, a parish priest in Essen Germany, reflects on the hopes, expectations and concerns of the thousands of Iraqi/Chaldean Catholics in the diaspora who cannot travel to their homeland due to the pandemic, but nonetheless joyfully await Pope Francis’ Apostolic Visit to Iraq, which begins on Friday.
The encyclical of Pope Francis on fraternity and social friendship is now available in the Russian language. Pope Francis sends a message on the occasion of the release of the translation in Moscow on Wednesday.
As the Pope prepares for his historic visit to Iraq, humanitarian consultant Maha Ganni speaks about her hopes for his trip. She also charts her own journey from that of a migrant in Kuwait, to assisting refugees today.
In a joint statement, various religious organizations express joy for Pope Francis\' historic Apostolic Visit to Iraq (5-8 March) and renew their commitment to rebuilding a society based on solidarity and fraternity.
In the run-up to Pope Francis’ Apostolic Visit to Iraq, he asks the faithful to accompany his journey with prayers so it may bear fruit for the Middle Eastern nation. The journey is scheduled to take place from 5 to 8 March.
Pope Francis appeals for an end to violence against anti-coup protesters in Myanmar, and calls on the military junta to release political prisoners and allow the country to continue its journey toward democracy.
At Wednesday’s Audience, Pope Francis says we have access to the Trinity through prayer, thanks to Jesus.

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