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By Silvio Nangaori and Dennson Machuki

Marsabit central has plunged again the dark with power outage expected to continue for more days following an unprecedented breakdown of the only generator that was brought from Moyale.

The generator broke down on Wednesday evening but Kenya Power statement said it broke down on Thursday.

Since Wednesday around 5pm to date residents of Marsabit are bearing the brunt of power outages.

One would wonder that at this point in time should electricity not be a basic human right?

The frequency of the power cuts and rationing has worsened in the past two months citing a problem of failed generators that helps in the supply. The case in Marsabit is strange that the two generators that have been serving the town and its environs failed at the same time.

This left the KPLC staff with no option but to take one from Moyale which still has a smaller capacity but just to hold the town meanwhile as the engineers repair the old exhausted generators.

Kenya Power has been issuing statements of hope to Marsabit expressing its wish to solve the problem soonest possible. The company in the recent past admitted that it will take time to reach a long lasting solution of putting Marsabit to a national grid or alternatively transmit power from Lake Turkana Wind Power Sarima, in Loiyangalani.

In a recent with the Marsabit senator Mohamed Chute it came out clear that the Marsabit power problem is not about to come to an end. The senator said the Kenya Power Managing Director was ignoring his calls until when the senator threatened to write to the president about the issue. But even when the director Kenya Power responded he only told him he is aware of the problem and that the county would wait until Kenya power completes window shopping for a proper generator abroad that would serve Marsabit.

Chute told Radio Jangwani that there are plans to transmit power from Loiyangalani but did not specify when that is anticipated to begin or how long it would take.

Marsabit central Member of County Assembly Jacob Elisha led a demonstration in town recently where they protested the frequent power outages.

Some Locals we spoke to attribute Marsabit electricity problem to outdated generators. Many listeners through Radio Jangwani have blamed the outage on the weak Leadership on raising the voice of the large Marsabit Residents.

Many shops, cafes and restaurants in Marsabit now rely on power generators to avoid huge losses courtesy of power outage.

Only bigger restaurants, cafes and some workshops can afford diesel-powered generators considering the rising cost of fuel in the country.

Most smaller businesses like welding services, salon and barbershops, cybercafés and other such like business are locking down and still waiting to pay rents at the end of the month.

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