Naisula:The Darling Of Everyone At School.

Photo; Courtesy


By Wambaz Ole Man.

Naisula was the prettiest girl in my class while in Laisamis Primary school…. she was loved by everyone including teachers and students alike.

Everyone wanted to be her friend.

I used to pray for the day she would borrow sharpener from me so that I could have the opportunity to talk to her but she never borrowed anything from me because she had lots of whatever she wanted.

One day, the list of noise makers was written by the class monitor who was a girl and didn’t like Naisula.

Naisula’s name appeared among the noise makers.

My name was in the list too. When it was time for us to be flogged, the teacher said he will cane us  three strokes each.

Even though I had a phobia for ‘viboko’, I decided to do Odeshi  i said uuuuui  yaani ile unajaribu kujikaza kiume.

For my three strokes because I didn’t want Naisula to see me cryings.

After my 3 lashes, I went to seat….it was from there I saw my pretty Naisula shivering out with fear.

She was already crying even though it wasn’t her turn to be flogged.


To be Continued………

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