Cracked Feet

Ways of getting rid of cracked feet at home.

By Adelaide

Cracked feet can be a major deal breaker especially for ladies. One  might want to wear her favorite heels or that great pair of sandals but she’s too embarrassed to wear them because of cracked feet. Here are some DIY(Do It Yourself) home remedies that can help. There are 4 major ways you can do this at home with different ingredients available at home.

A.) Listerine and vinegar.(Listerine contains thymol and alcohol, which helps fight toe fungus, cure cracked feet and soothe skin. Vinegar helps soften dry and dead skin, making it easy to exfoliate.)

How it works:

-Mix the Listerine with vinegar one cup each and two cups of water

-Soak your feet in the mixture for 15 minutes

-Remove your feet and scrub them using a pumice stone to et rid of any dead skin

-Rinse with clean water

-Pat dry and moisturize with lotion or pure petroleum jelly.

B).Rice flour, Honey and Vinegar. (Rice flour exfoliates, purifies and remineralizes the skin. Honey is a natural antiseptic that heals cracked feet. Vinegar is a mild acid that softens dry and dead skin, making it easy to exfoliate.)

How it works:

-Mix 3 tablespoons of rice flour,1 tablespoon honey and 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Mix well to form a thick paste.

-Soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes and gently scrub using the paste to remove dead skin.

C.)Baking Soda( Baking soda is an exfoliate. It removes dead cells and also helps get rid of bad smell.)

How it works:

-Mix 3 tablespoons of baking soda into a bowl of warm water. Mix well till the baking soda dissolves.

-Soak your feet in the mixture for 15 minutes.

-Remove your feet and scrub with a pumice stone

-Rinse with clean water and dry feet with a clean towel.

D.) Vicks Vaporub or Kaluma. ( They both contain camphor, eucalyptus and menthol in a turpentine oil base. The soothing effect from the menthol provides a cooling effect on the feet)

How it works:

-Before going to bed, apply a generous layer of Vicks/Kaluma on your feet

-Massage for 5 minutes and then put on cotton socks.

-Wash your feet with warm water the next morning and apply petroleum jelly to moisturize.

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