Rihanna Launches Fenty Hair.

Rihanna has officially ventured into the hair industry with her new line Fenty Hair that focuses oh hair products.

The 36-year-old musician put her music career on hold in recent years, as she’s focused on her fashion and beauty brands, and Rihanna is determined to ensure no customers are left behind.

The singer told ‘Extra’: “I really don’t want to leave one customer behind … I wanted everyone to have a product they could meet when they come in touch with Fenty Hair. I wanted something for every hair style, every hair type, every lifestyle actually, because lifestyle is a really big part of how you address your hair how much time you have, what kind of styles you wear, how often you wear them.”

Rihanna has already enjoyed huge success with her Fenty Beauty brand, and the singer previously admitted that she’s very hands-on with the company’s products.

The award-winning star who founded the beauty brand in 2017 told TIME magazine: “I have 100 percent involvement in this process, which is what makes this so special and fun. I have so much creative freedom from products to packaging, and that’s the only way this brand will stay true to my vision for it.”

Rihanna is keen to continue breaking boundaries in the fashion and beauty industry.

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