Vanessa and Rotimi

Rotimi buys Vanessa Mdee a house worth 57 million Ksh. in Florida

By Adelaide,

Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee was gifted a six-bedroom house by her fiancé Rotimi. In a recent interview with Lilommy on YouTube, the excited mum of one revealed that Rotimi gifted her the house located in an exclusive area of Florida as part of her valentine’s day gift

“Valentines was amazing, we celebrate it every day. This year was bigger for me because he bought me a six-bedroom house in Florida,” she said. “It has five bathrooms and It’s worth half a million dollars ( Tsh. 1.1 billion), it’s close to Disney World. Currently, we live in Atlanta and the house is under my name.”

Vanessa, who recently welcomed a son, said she is enjoying motherhood.

“He is a smart kid. He is very calm just like his dad. He only cries when he is hungry, or he needs a diaper change. Being a mother is something unique,” she said. “I wish my friends with kids had told me what I was missing out on. Being a mum is the best choice of my life. I am enjoying every moment.”

In August last year, she received a new Range Rover from Rotimi. He said it was a product of hard work and trust in God. “This is the product of starving in distractions,” Rotimi said. “Doing things, the right way, making quality products, music, being a good human, God, spirituality. And doing what you say you are going to do.”

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