Pete Davidson Wants to Propose To Kim Kardashian

By Adelaide,

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian are reportedly ready to take the next step in their relationship!

As per a source, Pete is eager to propose to his 41-year-old girlfriend. However, because of the high-profile Kardashian family status, the comedian might have to sign an agreement with Kim’s mother Kris Jenner.

According to Heat Magazine, “Pete wants to propose, but he’ll have to sign a contract. The way Kris sees it, Kim needs a partner who can work with the family and fit with their long-term goals.

“She wants Pete to agree to commit to the brand for the foreseeable future and give her total control over any decisions around marriage and children.

“She knows Pete will make a great son-in-law while being an asset to the Kardashian franchise, so she’s already making arrangements for a proposal by early summer- possibly sooner. Kim’s totally on board”.

Kim and Pete started dating in October, eight months after she filed for divorce from Kanye West. It is also reported that the couple is now planning to have a baby together.

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