King Kaka Builds Mum A Lavish House

By Adelaide,

King Kaka has unveiled a huge mansion he has built for his mother

Through his Instagram post, King Kaka posted a photo of the modern house with a caption,

“One day, I came home from school, and Kanjo had placed a huge padlock coz we couldn’t afford to pay KSh 500 rent. I promised my mom that in the future I’d buy her a house,” he narrated. He disclosed that they had recently opened the house, and the feeling of praying inside it was surreal and proof of God’s faithfulness.

Photo: Instagram

“Fast forward four days ago, we just prayed in the living room of this house that I built for her.

The rounds of testimony, and I am happy that she has a place she can call home.” King Kaka further expressed gratitude to his mother for all her sacrifices on their behalf. “Thank you, mum, for putting on a brave face over the years even when I knew things were not okay. Be blessed.

To all the believers, it’s possible! And God is love.”




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