Elsa Majimbo Cover On The Bazaar Magazine

Kenyan internet sensation Elsa Majimbo stars on The Bazaar Magazine.

By Adelaide,

Elsa Majimbo is the cover girl for the Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam March 2022 edition. The 20-year-old announced her new milestone on her social media platforms.

“So, honored and graced to have done my first Harper’s Bazaar cover. Beautiful, magnificent and gracious,” said Majimbo.

Elsa Majimbo
Elsa Majimbo’s cover photo on The Bazaar Magazine

Majimbo displays nothing short of black girl magic and confidence as she poses for the fashion magazine. Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam on Instagram quotes Majimbo’s words during her cover interview, “I feel like it’s about time. I have always been fabulous.”

Elsa Majimbo
Elsa on The Bazaar Magazine march edition 2022

The comedienne became famous  back in 2019 while doing skits on her Instagram page to gracing top international events like the 2022 Met Gala, meeting international celebrities like Naomi Campbell to now being on the cover of top fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar was simply inspirational.

Last month, she became the first comedienne to collaborate with a couture fashion house, Maison Valentino. She was also interviewed by TV personality Steve Harvey on the Steve Harvey show where he went to say he would be adopting her in future if interested.

The outspoken personality has 2.5 million followers on Instagram, 1 million followers on TikTok and 300,000 followers on Twitter.

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