Kate Actress Undergoes A Weight Loss Procedure.

By Adelaide,

Popular kenyan actress Catherine Kamau Karanja alias Kate Actress has undergone a weight loss procedure called the gastric balloon.

Kate said she underwent the procedure to help her with weight loss as she had been declared to have class one obesity going on class two.

The (Swallowable) Gastric balloon procedure will help her cut weight and avoid obesity by making her eat less.

According to several medical websites, the gastric balloon placement procedure involves placing a saline-filled silicone balloon in your stomach. This helps you lose weight by limiting how much you can eat and making you feel fuller faster.

The procedure can cost up to half a million shillings depending on which option you choose. The endoscopic balloon and swallow able balloon cost Ksh. 350,000 and Ksh. 500,000 respectively.

“The balloon occupies about 15 to 20% depending on your stomach size. Its 500ml. Your stomach can hold upto 3 litres, this means you feel full, so you eat less. Portion control thus resulting to weight loss. I chose the gastric balloon,” wrote Kate in a lengthy social media post.


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