Jackie Matubia opens up about fighting depression and getting back up

By Adelaide,

Zora actress Jackie Matubia was yesterday featured on Diana Marua’s YouTube channel where she opened up about her past. She narrated she went through a series of deep depression when her first baby daddy left her with nothing. At the time, she also did not have a solid job, and she had to pull herself together to give her daughter hope. The former Tahidi High actress said she only had a mattress that she and her daughter used for sleeping and sitting because they had nothing when her marriage ended.

“It was a very tough time and by then I was just at home since I had no job and I could look around me and it was just an empty house with nothing,” she said.

Matubia explained that she had to be strong for her daughter because she wanted to give her hope despite how bad the situation was. She gave props to her friend Kate Actress whom she said started a production company with her husband and they employed her as a producer and she would take up roles which helped her continue to polish her craft after the break up. The celebrity had taken a break when she got pregnant and she explained it was had to book acting gigs after giving birth because things had changed so had her shape and she did not know the struggles female actors go through after giving birth.

Now, with baby number two on the way, and a man whom she says loves her very much, she thanks God she went through the process because it made her a tough person. She also encouraged people to stop waiting for handouts and instead look for something to do now that the internet has created so many opportunities. “I do three jobs when I wake up at 5 am and I am pregnant and you are still waiting for Matubia to give you money, do something,” she said.

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