Balenciaga’s New Sneakers Stir Mixed Reactions

By Adelaide,

Balenciaga’s Limited Edition ‘destroyed’ Sneaker Collection that is retailing at Ksh. 214,000, Stirs Mixed Reactions among netizens.

Balenciaga has received a lot of backlash from its fans for releasing worn-out sneakers at ridiculous prices.

Balenciaga recently released their limited edition of distressed footwear at really expensive rates and social media wouldn’t let it slide. Fans of the luxurious fashion house wondered why the worn-out shoes cost that much while Balenciaga noted it was part of a marketing strategy.

The Paris Fashion House noted it was a marketing strategy and what pictures meant is that sneakers are forever.

Dubbed the Paris Sneaker, Balenciaga’s newest footwear offering comes in both high-top and mule offerings. The normal version, which retails at $625 (Ksh.65,000) for the high-top and $495 (Ksh.51,975).

According to Balenciaga, these specific pairs were created for the sneaker’s ad campaign and come “extremely worn, marked up, and dirtied.” 100 pairs are available from their website in white and black and priced at $1,850(Ksh.214,000) each.



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