Zuchu gets suspended by the Zanzibar Arts Council Raunchiness.

Zuchu, found herself in trouble following her recent performance at the Fullmoon Kendwa Night show back in February 2024.

The Zanzibar Arts, Census, Film, and Cultural Council (BASSFU) took decisive action, suspending her from all artistic activities for six months due to aspects of her performance being deemed inappropriate for Zanzibar’s cultural norms.

Videos of Zuchu’s performance spread across social media, stirring concern among some residents of Zanzibar. In response, BASSFU launched a thorough investigation and subsequently announced the suspension. Omar Abdalla Adam, the executive secretary of BASSFU, underscored the council’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding Zanzibar’s rich cultural identity. “The council bears the responsibility of preserving the customs, traditions, and culture of Zanzibar,” he emphasized.

The suspension comes as a consequence of further revelations that Zuchu had not registered with BASSFU and lacked the necessary permits to perform in Zanzibar. Consequently, she faces a hefty fine of Sh1 million and is required to issue a written apology, pledging adherence to cultural norms in her future performances.

In response to the uproar, Zuchu’s label, WCB, issued a formal apology via their official Instagram page, asserting that her actions were solely intended for entertainment and not meant to offend anyone.

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