Shakira Lost An Entire Album When Her Suitcase Disappeared At An Airport.

Shakira lost an entire album when her suitcase disappeared from the airport.

The pop star had written enough lyrics to comprise her fourth album in the 1990s and kept it all in one bag but when the suitcase failed to arrive at an airport, she lost the whole thing and was forced to start from scratch

Speaking during an interview with ‘The Hot Ones’ on YouTube, she said: “When I was like, 21, I had written a whole body of work. And it got lost at an airport in Bogota. I had all my lyrics in my dad’s briefcase because I used to travel with my parents back in the day. And I think that it just disappeared at the airport. So that’s why I named our album ‘Where are the Thieves? ‘ After that story, I had to reconstruct all of the lyrics in my head. When I was able to, like after a great deal of effort.”

But the hitmaker doesn’t think she was the target of a malicious attack and to this day believes she was just put in an “unfortunate” situation at the time, even though it was “so painful” to go through then.

She said: “I wasn’t targeted specifically. I know. I think just you know, the bag disappeared. The suitcase disappeared with my lyrics. I was unfortunate. It was so painful.”


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