Sean Paul Announces new tour dates.

Jamaican dancehall artist Sean Paul is preparing for a 22-date tour across the United States, beginning on May 2.

His dancehall anthem ‘Get Busy’ topped the charts back in 2003, introducing dancehall riddims and reggae to new audiences.

Since then, the artist has released six albums and has become a husband and father.

Photo: Instagram

Reflecting on his hit song, Paul says, “I guess it’s changed for me now, because when I say ‘Get Busy’ it’s like, I’m telling the kids to do their homework or clean stuff up, right?”

He believes ‘Get Busy’ is still a classic though.

“It’s a timeless piece for me in terms of, you know, every time I try to do a song, I try to put, you know, the same butterflies that I had in my belly when I was flirting with the first girl on the [first] dance floor,” he says.

The artist is now getting ready to kick off his US tour dubbed the “Greatest Tour”, which will begin in Orlando, Florida, and end in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“Why I’m doing it now?” says Paul. “Kind of just, you know, feeling that the people are ready for me again. You know, I did some work with some reggaeton acts last year, and a lot more awareness is becoming, the thing with my career right now again.”

The tour will focus on “good vibes” the artist says. “I think people feel the fun from me and it bounces back and forth.”


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