Muthoni Drummer Queen Releases new EP ‘Monsoon’

Muthoni Drummer Queen (MDQ) is set to release her latest EP ‘Monsoon.’

Muthoni took to her Instagram to announce the new project, “As an artist, I always experiment and strive to create my own sound. With ‘Monsoon,’ I decided to tap into my lifelong love of pop music and blend Kapuka (a defining Kenyan pop sound), R&B, and Afrobeats.”

Photo: Instagram

“I really wanted a unique name that speaks to my East African identity, tells a bigger story of the rise of African music globally, and embodies the wavy, flowy, rhythmic nature of the music on the EP itself.”

‘Monsoon’ explores the themes of romantic love. ‘Bure’ explores the early infatuation stage, ‘Pomoni’ delves into the talking stage, while ‘Consistency’ sheds light on the work needed to make a relationship work for the best.

Photo: Instagram


MDQ has collaborated with Kenyan music producers like So Fresh, Wuod Omollo, Dillie, and Ywaya Tajiri.

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