MrBeast Makes History As The Biggest Channel On YouTube.

MrBeast has officially made history as the biggest channel on YouTube in 2024.

He has officially overtaken T-Series as the largest YouTube channel.

T-Series which is an Indian music label, known for its trailers and music videos, held the top spot for five years before being dethroned this week.

Jimmy Donaldson, known online as MrBeast, was already the most-followed individual on YouTube. At 26, he has now made history with an unprecedented 269 million subscribers, surpassing T-Series and solidifying his dominance on the platform.

MrBeast’s success stems from his nearly 800 videos featuring massive stunts, such as giving away private islands, being buried alive, and recreating the Netflix hit Squid Game in real life. These high-production, attention-grabbing videos have captivated a global audience and fueled his rapid subscriber growth.

MrBeast operates several other channels focused on gaming, philanthropy, and reaction videos, each boasting tens of millions of subscribers. This extensive network has expanded his influence and wealth on the platform.

Forbes estimated MrBeast’s net worth at around $500 million(roughly 66 million Ksh.)  in 2022, and he topped their list of the 50 top creators in 2023. His rise to become the most subscribed-to individual and channel on YouTube underscores his remarkable impact and success in the digital world.


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