Mary J. Blige reveals plans to retire from music.

Mary J. Blige is planning to retire in the next “five or six” years.

The 54-year-old musician has been in the music business for more than 30 years and admitted that she will be ready to quit within the next decade.

During an interview with US TV show ‘Extra’ she said, “Mary is singing about life. Life… love… being stable and understanding you can have things like love. You can have a good life. Right now, I’m definitely gonna do some more acting and I’m definitely gonna retire in, like, five or six years. “Right now, I’m still doing what I’m doing but not as often as I was doing it because I don’t have to now.”

Earlier this year, Mary confirmed that she is no longer single but admitted that now she has realized that she is her only true love. She split from Kendu Isaacs in 2018 after 16 years of marriage.

She said: “The glow is the love for Mary J. Blige. I find my real love. And my real love is me and I found it!”

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