Jason Momoa And Lisa Bonet Settle Divorce

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet’s divorce has been granted, just one day after it was filed.

The former couple announced in 2022 they had gone their separate ways and on January 8, the ‘Cosby Show actress moved to formalize the split by filing for divorce and on January 9, the Superior Court of California confirmed the dissolution of their marriage.

According to a marital settlement agreement (MSA) obtained by People magazine, “they each are fully satisfied with regard to the disclosures provided” and “they are sufficiently knowledgeable about the terms of the MSA, the value of the assets divided between them and the incomes of each of them.”

The ‘Aquaman’ actor and his 56-year-old former spouse have been awarded joint legal custody of their children and will be equally responsible for the teenagers’ health, education and welfare.

Both Jason, 44, and Lisa have waived the right to seek spousal support from one another.

The document stated: “Such waiver of support is permanent and final and no court anywhere ever shall have the power or jurisdiction to award spousal support in favor of either party.”

But although their marriage has officially ended, they will not be legally declared single until 9 July.

The former couple announced they had split in 2022 but Lisa who also has actress daughter Zoe Kravitz, 35, with first husband Lenny Kravitz  listed their date of separation as 7 October 2020 when she filed for divorce this week.

Upon announcing their split in January 2022, the former couple noted that they did not think their parting was “newsworthy” but instead wanted to be “honest” with fans.

They explained that while they had grown apart romantically amid the COVID-19 pandemic, “the love between [them] carries on”, and they want to set an example for their children by freeing each other.

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