Dennis Ombachi To Take Part In TikTok’s Change Makers Program.

Former Kenya 7’s player Dennis Ombachi a.k.a The Roaming Chef has been awarded at least ksh.3.2 million ($25000) after being included in the Tiktok change makers program. The program is a global initiative spotlighting creators and non-profits driving meaningful change through the platform.

The program aims to showcase diverse voices and educate, advocate, and inspire communities to foster positive, lasting change.

The six-month TikTok Change Makers Program will support selected creators worldwide in building engaged communities and reaching new audiences. Participants will benefit from dedicated tools, resources, and donations to their chosen non-profits.

Central to the program is the TikTok Change Makers Grant, through which TikTok will donate over $1 million to more than 30 global and local non-profits.

Ombachi is one of four African creators chosen for the program, highlighting TikTok’s commitment to uplifting diverse voices. He regularly distributes meals to those in need across Nairobi, using his culinary skills to address food insecurity. As part of the TikTok Change Makers Program, Dennis will receive a $25,000 donation to further his impactful work.

Dennis, a self-taught chef and former international rugby sevens player, is renowned for his trademark monosyllabic commentary “Done!” and boasts a following of 2.3 million. Dennis reinvented himself as a social media star with a global fan base after an injury ended his rugby career.

The TikTok Change Makers Program represents a significant step in leveraging social media for social good. By supporting creators like Ombachi, TikTok empowers them to create substantial, positive change, showcasing how individual efforts can inspire and transform communities.

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