Alicia Keys Working on a new album.

Alicia Keys says her new album is going to be one of the best ones she’s ever done.

The singer is in the early stages of her 10th studio album.

Speaking to VIBE, she said: “I think that’s what is so cool about Hell’s Kitchen. There is new music with Hell’s Kitchen and there’s also some of your favorites, but the way that it’s done, you will never expect it. It’s not going to be the way you expect it to be, but when you figure out what it is, you’re going to be like, ‘Wow. First of all, I’ve always loved that song and I’m hearing it in a new way, or it has a new meaning to me.’ I love how the music is a part of Hell’s Kitchen. It’s not normal, in a great way, but you still get what you’re looking for. That’s a part of it. You’re going to hear some new music, which is exciting.”

The hitmaker confirmed she’s in the process of making her follow-up to her eighth studio album, 2021’s ‘Keys’. Alicia’s ninth album was the Christmas collection ‘Santa Baby’ in 2022.

She added: “I’m excited about new music through my own label, Alicia Keys Records, which I love.

“I feel like sonically this one is going to be one of the best ones I’ve ever done. I feel there’s going to be melodies, really strong, very memorable, [and] very powerful. It’s going to feel good. I’m in the process of creating it, so even though I don’t fully know, but I know 2024 is going to go good. I’m excited to get into it.”

The 42-year-old singer also told WWD: “I’m going to start to work on the next body of work over these next couple of months.

“And I’m excited to really just take all of the essences and energies and continue to explore where music takes me in its most truthful form.”

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