Nelly Furtado Making Music Comeback.

Nelly Furtado is making a “healing” music comeback.

The 44-year-old star has announced she is teaming up with Justin Timberlake, 42, and Timbaland, 51, on a new song, and also revealed Justin has been in the studio with Timbaland for most of the past year working on the duo’s latest tunes.

Nelly said on Emily Ratajkowski’s ‘High Low’ podcast about a phone call she had with her two former collaborators: “We connected. There was a real healing thing that happened.

“Between the three of us me, Timbaland, and JT we’ve all had long careers with ups and downs and to me personally, doing this song together feels very authentic and is a mini-miracle. It started with Tim and JT. Tim texted me like, ‘Yo, I’ve got a track for you, it’s a dance vibe, for a trio,’ and I was like, ‘You mean with JT?’ And he was like, ‘Yes’. He and JT have been working on music for like a year already, separately from me, so they just had an idea and they wanted me to woman the ship a little in my direction so they could feed off that. We just cooked it up.

“I think energetically it’s very positive. For me, the lyrics and everything are very real to me right now.”

The trio last teamed up on the No. 1 single ‘Give it to Me’ in 2007.

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