Meghan Trainor is pregnant.

Meghan Trainor Is Expecting Baby No.2

The singer and her husband Daryl Sabara are delighted to be expecting their second child.

Meghan told People magazine: “What a blessing. I’m just so grateful I can get pregnant. And I’m like, ‘I’m crushing it. This is amazing. This is my dreams.’ I’m halfway there I want four kids!”

Photo: People Magazine

While the two have shared the news with Riley their 23-month-old, they don’t think the toddler fully understands yet.

She said: “We try to tell him, ‘There’s a baby in the belly,’ but then he points to his belly now and is like, ‘Baby.’ And we’re like, ‘Oh no, it’s not in yours it’s in Mama’s belly!’”

The ‘Made You Look’ singer is four months into her pregnancy but has kept her growing bump hidden in large hoodies.

She said: “Hoodies, babe! I wrote a smash that says, ‘Even with me hoodie on…’

“I only wear hoodies. And everyone’s like, ‘You’re not even showing, you’re so small.’ I’m like, ‘Well, you can’t see me!’ For real.”


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