Crazy Kennar  Surpasses 1 Million Followers on Instagram.  

Content creator Crazy Kennar has surpassed 1 million followers on his Instagram account.

The comedian also known as the content cartel took to social media to celebrate this new social media milestone with his followers.

Photo: Instagram

Kennar whose real name is Kennedy Odhiambo has over the last couple of years risen to become one of Kenya’s funniest personalities on social media. He is known to post entertaining skits online, he has been hailed for his creative and hilarious content.

Crazy Kennar is one of the many Kenyan content creators who have become popular in the online community for using social media to entertain people. He chose to do comedy as a hobby and started posting his videos on platforms such as YouTube and Tik Tok. Today, his videos have attracted a considerable following, even in the international community.

His stunts have always been aiming at fighting depression.

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