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Diamond and Zuchu dating?

Diamond and Zuchu.

By Adeleide,

Radio host Juma Lokole has confirmed that indeed his boss is dating artist Zuchu.

During an interview with another Tanzanian-based radio station Wednesday, said that the two hit makers have been dating for over a month now.

“Mimi nawafahamisha Zuchu na Diamond kweli wana mahusiana. Sasa hivi ni mwezi moja. Wengi walikuwa wanajiuliza hii swali,” said Lokole.

The dating speculations started last month December when the two were spotted on a private romantic date where Diamond had posted a photo of the two in red-themed outfits.

Rayvanny also reaffirmed the rumors on Instagram where he posted a photo of the ‘sukari’ hit maker and captioned it ’Shem’( Shemeji), meaning in-law.

On Janaury 10th Zuchu had refuted claims that she was dating her boss Diamond stating that she had been single for a whole year and was not interested in any relationship because she was waiting for the right time.

Most people online were speculating that it might be another online tactic to boost more traffic towards a project that they might be working on together so as to get more attention and views on their social pages.

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