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Former President Daniel Torotich Arap Moi is Dead

By Machuki Dennson

Following the death of former President Daniel Torotich Arap Moi Kenya will observe national mourning until his burial. 

In his statement of proclamation of Moi’s death on Tuesday morning president Uhuru Kenyatta directed that national flags be flown at half mast until after his burial. 

The half mast flags will be flown at statehouse, state lodges, all public buildings and public grounds, all military bases, posts and stations, on all naval vessels of Kenya and everywhere in Kenya.  The half mast flag shall be flown also at all high commissioners, embassies, consulates and all diplomatic offices. 

Uhuru who is out of the country has said that the former will be accorded estate funeral appropriate civilian and military honours. 

The president described the former president as an Educator, a Teacher, a Legislator, Member of Parliament, a Cabinet Minister, the Vice-President and finally as the President of the Republic of Kenya.

“The late mzee Moi’s steady hand guided Kenya through the restoration of multi-partyism and many other challenging periods; culminating in the peaceful transfer of power in December 2002, a then rare occurrence in Africa and one which set an example that has been emulated across the Continent and beyond ever since.”

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