Tanzanian Actress Frida Kajala Forgives Harmonize.

By Adelaide,

Bongo actress Frida Kajala has finally forgiven Harmonize after months of begging her for forgiveness.

Kajala has revealed why she forgave the singer, days after rumors that the two former lovebirds had gotten back together.

On her Instagram account, Kajala shared a quote on the importance of forgiveness. “Forgiveness isn’t saying what they did was ok, it’s just saying you won’t hold onto that negative energy any longer.”

The two are seemingly rekindling their love if Harmonize’s recent posts are anything to go by.

Harmonize who started dating Kajala in September 2020, officially introduced her as his girlfriend in February 2021 only for them to break up in April 2021.

In March 2022, the bongo singer launched a bid to reconcile and win Kajala back after breaking up with his Australian girlfriend Brianna.

Harmonize married Italian beauty Sarah Michelotti in 2019 but they broke up following cheating allegations.


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