Kenyan music  duo Necessary Noize are back with a new jam.

By Adelaide,

Necessary Noize have released their highly anticipated comeback jam titled ‘Reality’ after 10 years.

The duo take us back with the slow reggae jam with their signature rhythms in both English and Swahili. Reality is heavily meaningful of their early 2000s.

Reality is the first single off their upcoming EP. The single aims to inspire the youth who’ve been insecure & uncertain of what the future holds due to their current state of living.

Here’s the new Video below;

The legendary duo announced their return a couple of days ago and fans have been eager to hear from them since. Necessary Noize ruled the airwaves in the early 2000s with hits like ‘Kenyan Boy, Kenyan Girl’, ‘Tension’, and ‘Bless My Room’.



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