Harmonize proposes to Frida Kajala.  

By Adelaide,

Harmonize has finally proposed to his longtime girlfriend Fridah Kajala.

At a private lunch date on Saturday (25/06/2022) Harmonize poured his heart out to the actress Kajala, thanking her for standing by her even when he had nothing.

The 32-year-old Bongo sensation revealed that he met Kajala seven years ago and they have since been friends.

Harmonize also spoke about how Kajala has been supporting his dream in private.

“It’s going to be one of the many lunch dates I will have with my love. The reason we are here is because of a very important step in life,” Harmonize said.

“Kajala and I have been friends for almost seven years and I don’t think people know that. We started our journey as friends and as God planned, we started dating years after.

“I never thought it will get a point together with her friends and my friends we would get to a point we would sit and just share a meal together.”

An emotional Harmonize went on to reveal that Kajala at some point in his life gave him a house to live in and never spoke about it to the public.

“My dream was to be friends with my lover Fridah forever and I have told her every day. Through this late lunch, I will tell you that you are a special woman in my life,” he said.

“If I am told to explain what part of my heart you hold, I will be speechless because you know me and you know where we have come from.

“You have been there for me and a lot of things you have done for me. Sometimes you tell me not to say in public.”

Harmonize gave Kajala a blue diamond ring coated with white gold.

Among those who attended the engagement event was Kajala’s daughter Paula.

This comes a few months after Harmonize won Kajala back.



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