Elsa Majimbo’s Documentary Set to Premiere soon.

By Adelaide,

US-based Kenyan internet sensation Elsa Majimbo has been making moves the past year and she seems to be growing her brand. From featuring in music videos of big superstars she now has a documentary on her life coming soon.

After gracing the covers of Teen Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and GQ Magazine, she now has a documentary on her life that is set to premiere at the revered Tribeca Film Festival. The documentary will showcase her exponential rise to fame amid the pandemic and the reality of her life and authenticity. The film is directed by South African filmmaker Julia Jansch.

The documentary was unveiled Wednesday April 20 and is part of 109 feature films from 40 countries and 88 world premieres, and is written by Majimbo herself. “My first film ever! I’m over the moon to have it premiered at Tribeca Film Festival. Shot in New York and shown in New York,” Tweeted Majimbo.

Elsa the documentary, will be screened on June 9 and June 16.


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