Daddy Yankee is retiring from music.

By Adelaide,

Daddy Yankee who is famously known for his hit song ‘Gasolina’ is retiring form music after three decades and eight studio albums following the release of his final tour and LP, ‘Legendaddy’, on March 24.

The King of Reggaeton issued a statement saying, “This race, which has been a marathon, finally sees the finish line. Now, I am going to enjoy what all of you have given me.

“People say that I made this genre worldwide, but it was you who gave me the key to open the doors to make it the biggest in the world.”

Yankee’s farewell record will be an amalgamation of all the styles that have “defined” his career.

He added: “I’ll give you all the styles that have defined me on one album. ‘Legendaddy’ it’s fight, it’s party, it’s war, it’s romance.”

The 45-year-old Puerto Rican star whose real name is Ramon Luis Ayala Rodriguez has sold more than 30 million records.

Yankee leaves on a high after scoring a global hit with ‘Despacito’ with Luis Fonsi in 2017.

A remix of the popular track featuring pop megastar Justin Bieber later topped the charts in 10 countries.


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