Burning Spear Set To Land In Kenya Soon

By Adelaide,

Jamaican Reggae artist Burning Spear is set to land in Kenya soon.

The 77-year-old artist whose real name is Winston Rodney has deep Jamaican roots as he started his music career in 1970.

In a Facebook post, the Reggae Icon greeted Kenyans asking them whether they were ready for him. He further hinted at visiting other countries in Africa. 

Burning Spear is a Rastafarian songwriter, singer, and vocalist well known for his good music and deep standing roots.

For a long time now, burning spear’s music has inspired numerous people from all over the world.

His stage name was influenced by the life of former Kenyan President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta who is credited as the founding father of independence.

Besides his old age, his music has been listened to over the years as he has been traveling all over the world, performing in different cities.

Despite his early announcement that he had retired from the Industry, the singer seems to be eager to perform in Kenya soon.

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