Alikiba's Wedding Photo

Alikiba’s wife files for a divorce.

By Adelaide

 Alikiba’s Kenyan wife Amina Khalef has filed for a divorce from her famous husband Alikiba. According to sources close to her, the mother of two is accusing the Bongo musician of deserting his marriage, verbal abuse, and infidelity. He has been given two weeks to respond to the allegations.

“Should you fail to appear within the time mentioned above, the plaintiff may proceed with the suit and judgment given in your absence,” an order at the Kadhi’s court in Mombasa reads in part.

“The respondent (Ali Kiba) has made a mockery of their marriage by disrespectfully engaging in public displays of infidelity with various women in total disregard of the petitioner’s feelings,” Khalef says in the court papers.

She has also accused the singer of failing to cater to the family’s needs, including the provision of food and basic maintenance and has asked for Sh200,000 monthly maintenance and medical support to the couple’s two children.

The two got married in Mombasa in 2018 in a grand wedding ceremony that was attended by many celebrities.

Over the last couple of years, speculations of their marriage being on the rocks have spread like wildfire on the internet, but the former couple managed to suppress these rumors.

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