Local Bulletins

228 people arrested, 31 police officers injured and one Varsity student died in Monday Azimio Protests



By Machuki Dennson

213 people were arrested in Nairobi following the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Monday protests that paralysed all the economic activities of the city.

24 police officers were injured and 10 police vehicles damaged in Nairobi alone.

According to the statement by the Inspector General of the police Japhet Koome, one man who a university student at the Maseno University died after rioters stormed Maseno police station.

In Kisumu alone, 25 protesters were arrested as 7 police officers were injured.

The IG who has commended his officers has said the national police service is open to scrutiny by external agencies following the police conduct in the chaotic demonstrations.

Koome says his officers restrained themselves and acted within the law despite the provocation in the demonstration that was illegal and had a sole intent of storming the State House.

The inspector general has further said that no one is above the law and that there is a slippery slope between the freedom of assembly, picketing and petitioning as enshrined in the constitution and the blatant infringement of the rights of others as witnessed on Monday.


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