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Six guns, one pistol and several ammunitions recovered in Merti, Isiolo County as nine suspected militias are arrested

6 AK47 rifles, 1 FN firearm, 16 magazines, a pair of Jungle Police uniform and several rounds of ammunition recovered in Merti, Isiolo County. Photo NPS

By Machuki Dennson

Nine militia members are currently in police custody the ongoing operation in Kom area, Merti Sub county, in Isiolo County. The security team comprising of general service unit GSU and Quick Response Unit QRU, were conducting a joint operation on Wednesday when they came into contact with suspected militia men. A vicious fight ensued. The militia group was finally overpowered by the commandos leading to the arrest of the nine suspects. The officers recovered 6 AK47 rifles, 1 FN firearm, 16 magazines, a pair of Jungle Police uniform and several rounds of ammunition

The recoveries made in Merti, Isiolo county

Officers from Merti Sub-County have been working jointly with the GSU and QRU to beef up security in the area with the closure of Kim Durte mining site recently being part of the journey to restoring peace in the region.

In Marsabit

Meanwhile in Marsabit county, the county commissioner Paul Rotich has expressed his satisfaction by the by the recoveries of illegal arms and ammunition so far registered within the County, and commended the operation team in collaboration with the local administrators for progressively restoring sustainable peace and coexistence amongst communities. Mr.Rotich said this while he met the Chiefs and Assistant-Chiefs from North Horr, Durkana, Marsabit North and Turbi-Bubisa Sub-Counties at St. Stephen ACK Hall in Marsabit Town.

The County Commissioner clarified that the operation in Marsabit County will continue despite the elapse of the curfew, until the entire county is declared to be safe.

County security team heading a security meeting at ACK hall in Marsabit. Photo: NPS

In his remarks, the Operations Commander Bernard Mbatha urged the administrators to continue sensitizing the community and encourage them to surrender all the illegal weapons in their possession.

He further emphasized the need to continue embracing peaceful initiatives in solving conflicts and sharing of timely information with the security agencies in order to weed out criminals dealing with illegal drugs and contraband goods in the County.


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