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Sing For Peace in Marsabit Competition

Sing For Peace Competition Poster

By Radio Jangwani


This is a competition powered by Radio Jangwani to support young talents to promote and encourage the spirit of Peace and unity as we approach the August general elections. The Theme of the competition should strictly be PEACE.


General terms

  1. Competition takes place entirely over the social media.
  2. Introduce yourself, Mention the competition (Radio Jangwani Peace singing Competition) then start singing.
  3. Use your mobile phone to record a video of yourself. Not studio recorded songs. Remember it is a freestyle lyrics of not more than 2 minutes.
  4. The competition is open to all the youth, age (12-35).
  5. The participants MUST compose their own songs of 1-2 minutes on video. We don’t condone copyright infringement.
  6. The participants MUST follow and subscribe to all Radio Jangwani Social Media accounts.
  7. The competition runs between 1st of May to 15th of May. The winners will be awarded thereafter.

Tag Radio Jangwani social media accounts the short clip and we shall share them widely.


  1. Winner shall scoop Kshs 15,000. First runners up shall go home with kshs 10,000 and the second runners up shall go home with kshs 5,000. The three winners shall be given a free Jangwani studio production for their songs.
  2. Voting shall take place on Facebook and Twitter. Radio Jangwani staff shall not participate in voting or influencing the vote outcome in anyway.
  3. Each participant shall mobilize votes from all over. Your voters shall be required to first like and follow our social media then vote for you.



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