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Intensified patrols as more arms are being surrendered to the government

Arms surrendered to police after a security patrol photo by NPS

By Radio Jangwani

Several more weapons have been recovered as the government steps up effort to disarm the locals of Marsabit County.

On Tuesday the Multi-Agency Security team in Marsabit received four Carbine rifles, one G3 rifle, an AK-47 rifle, one magazine and 13 rounds of assorted ammunitions from Assistant Chiefs of Demo, Bubisa and shurr Sub-Locations.

While at Jaldesa Location, the area Chief Ali Jirmo in the company of the Assistant Chief Galma Boru surrendered one Carbine rifle, one AK-47 rifle with one magazine and 20 rounds of ammunitions.

In the wake of Madaraka celebrations on Wednesday, the Chief Sagante location Mr. Stephen Wario in the company of the Assistant Chief Mr. Wako Abduba and Village elders handed over one HK 21 machine gun with seventy-eight belted rounds of ammunitions, two AK47 rifles with one magazine each and nine rounds.

The Operation Commander, Mr. Bernard Mbatha, commended the administrators for their unwavering support to the concerted efforts to weed out illegal weapons in the County.

He also lauded the efforts as a means to speedy restoration of peace and security in the entire Marsabit County.

The team conducted its patrol on Tuesday patrols at Bubisa, Kambi Nyoka, Demo, Shurr, and Jaldesa Locations.

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