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Deadly arsenal recovered by multiagency team in the Marsabit security operation

War weapons recovered in Marsabit by multiagency team during their operation

By Machuki Dennson


Eight suspects Eight suspects are in police custody in Marsabit after they were arrested for being in possession of assortment of weapons, ammunitions and other exhibits in Marsabit Central in the ongoing operation by the Multi-Agency team.

The officers on Tuesday conducted the operation within Manyatta adhi huka and Gof Aratha where they arrested the suspected militias. In the operation obtained highly sophisticated weapons that even the security agents only use them in serious operations like while combating terrorists.

Some of the weapons obtained include a general purpose machine gun with a total of 579 rounds of ammunition.

Also 3 AK 47 rifles,1 G3 rifle, six AK 47 empty magazines, three G3 riffle magazines, two jungle belts, three improvised porches and 40 pieces of carrier baby diaper carrier bags of Soft Care were recovered.

The officers also found 66 spent cartridges and 500 liters of gun oil.

The operation dubbed ‘Rudisha Amani Marsabit’ was launched following a streak of indiscriminate attacks by bandits on members of the public.

The curfew imposed in the County remains in place.

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