Local Bulletins
Multi agency security team in Sololo led by County commissioner Paul Rotich. Photo National Police Service

Story by NPS

In light of the ongoing “Operation Rejesha Amani” in Marsabit, the Multi-Agency security team in Marsabit led by the County Commissioner, Mr. Paul Rotich, yesterday visited Sololo Sub-County and conducted a successful disarmament sensitization meeting with area Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs at Sololo Sub-County Headquarters within Marsabit County.
Sololo Sub-County borders Kenya and Ethiopia and covers Obbu and Uran Divisions, further subdivided into 10 Locations.
During the meeting, the County Commissioner highlighted that the Local Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs play a crucial role in ensuring that the community is safe owing to their vast knowledge about the area.
He further instructed the administrators to continue cooperating with security officers to address the rising concerns about contraband goods and drug trafficking by giving out timely information.
The County Commissioner emphasized that collaboration is key during the entire disarmament process to ensure effective mop-up of illegal weapons and hence spur development.
The Deputy Operations Commander, encouraged the administrators to conduct numerous meetings with the local community and sensitize them on the need to share information with security officers in the spirit of Community Policing.

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