Nandy gifts Billnass a brand new Range Rover for his birthday.

Bongo artist Nandy surprised her husband Billnass on his birthday yesterday 11th April 2023 with a brand-new Range Rover.

On her Instagram Nandy posted the video showing the moment he received it. Billnass was blindfolded with a cloth and was led to where the car was parked. He met a surprise bump where in front of him he saw a gray Range Rover car wrapped in a ribbon of maroon flowers.

Billnass jumped to his wife Nandy and gave her a hug as a way of showing gratitude for the unexpected gift.

Nandy wrote a sweet message to Billnass assuring him of her undying love.

“I love you ️ @billnass no mara waaaaaa my lover let’s chase money 💸💸💸 Nandy wrote.

The rapper admitted that the Range car is one of the cars that he has been wanting to own for a long time.

“Thank you my wife for a great gift, it’s a car that I’ve always wanted and I’ve continued to want to have. It’s a great car for me, so I’m very grateful,” Billnass said.

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