Michael B. Jordan Receives His Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star.

Michael B. Jordan received the highest honor in Hollywood on Wednesday (01/03/23), two days before his latest movie, Creed III, hits theatres.

Jordan told the press during his big moment that he was excited to be able to connect to many people. “My emotions are actually all over the place, I’m seeing so many people that I want to kind of get to and hug and connect with and show my appreciation. I want to give the love right back, you know? But then I’m also just taking a moment to just to be like, ‘Damn. OK, wow, that happened. I’m here!’”

He added: “I didn’t think it would hit me this much, but as it all started to come together and we start to see it and reality starts to set in, the importance [and] the weight of the moment… you really realize it.”

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