Akon Features South African Sensation Mr. Brown in new remix.

Multi-talented artist Akon has joined forces with South African sensation, Mr. Brown, to release their highly anticipated remix to the song ‘Enjoy That.’

The new song brings in the Amapiano-inspired rhythms while he showcases his extraordinary vocal prowess as the duo emanates fresh and dynamic energy fusion.


When asked about the collaboration with Mr. Brown, Akon expressed his excitement, stating, “Teaming up with Mr. Brown was a musical journey that allowed us to craft something truly special.”

‘Enjoy That’ goes beyond being the restraints of a mere song; it’s an exuberant celebration of life, joy, and embracing every moment with unrestrained enthusiasm. It encapsulates the essence of living without regrets, cherishing life’s simple pleasures, and savoring every offering it presents. With its vibrant production and uplifting lyrics, the tune radiates an infectious positivity that leaves listeners invigorated and eager to hit the dance floor. The seamless blend of Akon’s and Mr. Brown’s talents adds an undeniable charm to the track, rendering it an unforgettable addition to their already impressive discography.



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