Rapper Lil Durk Hit By Stage Pyrotechnics.

Lil Durk was hit in the face by pyrotechnics during his concert on stage.

The hitmaker has told fans he plans to “take a break” from music in order to “focus on [his] health” after being left injured during his performance at the Chicago festival this past weekend.

Footage circulating online showed the rapper was performing when he accidentally walked into a pyrotechnic cannon and took two explosive blasts of smoke in his face.

The song was stopped as Durk stumbled backwards with his T-shirt covering his face while crew members rushed to his aide, but he ultimately decided to continue with the performance.

The 29-year-old star has shared a photo of himself sitting on a bed in hospital, with a patch over his eye.

He captioned the Instagram post: “Due to the incident that happened at Lollapalooza in Chicago on stage, I’ma take a break and focus on my health. I finished my performance yesterday for my fans. Appreciate y’all [blue heart emoji] (sic)”

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