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Pastrol Women In Laisamis,Marsabit contribute Ksh.795,815 Courtesy of BeadWORKS Kenya.

By Adelaide,
At least 300 Pastoral women in Laisamis under Melako conservancy, Marsabit today contributed Ksh.795,815 courtesy of BeadWORKS kenya an initiative under NRT.The contribution was set to support priority livelihoods and operations programs for the conservancy.
BeadWORKS Kenya is an NRT initiative that is aimed at resilience building and women economic empowerment,in view of climate change effects on pastoralism.
The initiative is geared to create opportunities for the pastoralists women in Northern Kenya as a way to tap into their traditional skills so as to generate income for them.
Photo: Adelaide
In a colorful event held at Laisamis the ladies danced and made merry as the event was foreseen by Marsabit’s Deputy Governor, H.E Solomon Gubo. He mentioned that the initiative was a great way for the different conservancies to fend for their families and the communities at large through the income they generate.
BeadWORKS works with community conservancies to organize Women’s groups and provide the training necessary, resources and support that the women need to participate in BeadWORKS’ community-to-market value.
This income enables the women to survive and improve their families’ lives without resorting to environmentally damaging activities.

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