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Man arrested in Badassa, gun and 30 rounds of ammunition recovered

By Machuki Dennson

One man was arrested on Monday evening at Badassa in Marsabit and a firearm with a m agazine of 30 rounds of ammunition recovered from him.
According to police statement, Guyo Jattani, 20, is currently held at the Marsabit police station awaiting arraignment.
The police say detectives from directorate of criminal investigations DCI raided Guyo’s house in Badassa and arrested him. He then led the officers into Marsabit forest where the firearm was recovered. The firearm is belived to be the one that was used in robbery with violence incident in Marsabit recently.
A further 33 rounds of ammunition, police jungle shirt, jungle belt and cleaning kit were also recovered. Photos Courtesy of DCI.

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