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IEBC Misses its Target by over 4.5M Voters

IEBC clerk during the registration exercise

By Macuki Dennson

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission IEBC has said that it missed its target by 4,578,290 voters.

This is after the IEBC only registered 1,421, 710 Kenyans as new voters in the mass voter registration that ended 2nd of November 2021.

359,834 Kenyans transferred their voting centres to the destinations of their own choice while 17 Kenyans deleted themselves as voters. A total of 2,519 changed their particulars in the voter’s register.

Marsabit County registered a total of 15,953 new voters while 7,929 transferred to different voting centers. Only 2 people in Marsabit changed their particulars.

Isiolo county registered 5,768 new voters and 897 transferred to other voting centres. Only 4 people changed their particulars as captured in the IEBC register.

Wajir county registered 18,735 new voters and 16824 transferred to other centres. Samburu County registered 7,711 new voters while 410 transferred to other voting centres.

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