Tyrese Gibson Splits From Girlfriend Zelie Timothy.

By Adelaide,

 Tyrese Gibson has announced his split from girlfriend Zelie Timothy.

The 43-year-old actor has been dating the influencer since last year, but he confirmed their romance is over on social media.

One of his Instagram messages read: “I am single now and I want everyone to DM have fun with @zelietimothy … She’s verified now and wasn’t ready to be married she still wanted to go BIG Zane live her best life …

“I wanted to get married and settle down and really really NEST and embrace the comforts of this family and married life … I don’t want to be in your clubs or around your women I want to stay home and be the hard-working family man that I am.”

Tyrese also wrote about the importance of “stability” at home, adding: “I just wanna feed you and we go to church together I’m lost out here without my wife and family … I can’t be stable if my HOME isn’t stable … Stability is important I got the money I got the (mansions) I got whatever you need I just need to figure out how to GET married and STAY MARRIED for the rest of my life … Who has the secret? I’m ready to listen and lean.”

Zelie later appeared to address Tyrese’s posts, writing: “Your (sic) acting off emotions and NOT facts! Hurt people hurt people and I’m the wrong one to hurt!”

The former couple were reported to have previously split in September before getting back together.

Tyrese has been married twice before. His first marriage was to Norma Mitchell from 2007 until 2009, and he tied the knot for a second time when he wed Samantha Lee Gibson in 2017. They separated in 2020. He has a daughter with Norma and another little girl with Samantha.

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