Kenyan Brand Enkata Watches Issues Statement after Backlash online

By Adelaide,

 Popular Kenyan watches brand Enkata Watches has issued  a statement following social media controversy that had them trending for the better part of yesterday on twitter. They were accused by netizens online of overpricing rebranded watches.

The statement does not exactly address the claims leveled against them, but promises better output instead

Photo: Twitter

“At Enkata, we endeavor to create premium watches and lifestyle accessories. Our one-year warranty on all watches and a lifetime battery replacement ensures that we stand by the quality of our products. We appreciate all feedback on how to improve design, quality, and the overall customer experience. We would like to thank all Enkata customers for your support. The Enkata community always comes first,” Read their statement.

The watch brand was put on the spotlight by Twitter users for allegedly selling rebranded watches at obnoxious prices. One twitter user wrote: “I once bought an Enkata watch for Ksh 15, 000 only to go on Ali Express and these were the prices. I found it for Ksh 370.”

Enkata Watches have been a phenomenon with Kenyan influencers including the girl duo over-25 sporting and endorsing them.

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