Alicia Keys Opens Up About Her Marriage To Swizz Beatz To Mark Their 12th Anniversary.  

Alicia Keys declared her love for husband Swizz Beatz in a series of heartfelt posts on Instagram to mark the couple’s 12th wedding anniversary.

The pair tied the knot in a lavish ceremony on 31 July 2010 and they went on to become parents to two sons.

Alicia marked their relationship milestone by sharing pictures of their wedding day on her Instagram page and opening up about how the couple have kept their relationship strong over the years.

Photo: Instagram

Alongside one of the wedding snaps, Alicia wrote: “This is the day we got married! Look at these cutie pies!! Those same stars are still in our eyes. And it’s only getting better!!!!”

The singer added: “When we said our vows we wanted our love to never be about controlling each other, or being the boss of each other. We set each other free. We love each other with open arms, and an open heart. We love each other just the way we are and we grow together even in our different ways and directions. We are best friends. We’re so transparent and connected to each other. We laugh hard and we love hard and we cherish each other.”

Photo: Instagram

Alicia concluded the note:” can’t believe it my love! 12 years!! Of pure love! There’s no love more precious than this! There’s nothing more precious than this! I wake up looking forward to you every day! Forever more. Yours.”

She also shared a video of the pair dancing together, and added: “Forever having fun with the love of my life!!!! We feel all the love you send our way!!”

Swizz Beatz also marked the anniversary with a post on Instagram, declaring he was lucky enough to marry his “best friend”.

He wrote: “Today 12yrs ago I married my best friend. Every sec has been filled with love and adventures.

“The best part is we didn’t even start yet. Love you 4 life Queen Happy Anniversary. 12yrs … “


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