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A KDF Sergeant in court for obtaining money in pretext of offering military job

Sergeant Andrew Mwoki Mutua being cross examined in a martial court
A Court Martial on 17 February 2021 continued hearing a case involving a Kenya Defence Forces soldier, accused of receiving money from unsuspecting Kenyans in the pretext of offering them a job in the military.
Sitting in Isiolo Barracks, 78 Tank Battalion, Mr. Nelson Mandera Kawere and his son Edwin Murithi Kinyua, the complainants, narrated to the court the genesis of a well orchestrated theft of Ksh. 300,000 by Sergeant Andrew Mwoki Mutua, the accused.
The court heard that during the 2019 KDF recruitment exercise, the accused promised to influence a military job offer for Edwin Murithi at the stated cost.
With no income, Edwin approached his father who borrowed the money and transferred the amount to the bank account of the accused.
Mr. Nelson discovered later that this was a con game when days lapsed without his son receiving the purported state letter to join the military.
Today’s witnesses marked the end of cross examination of a number of witnesses who have testified in the case.
Isiolo Chief Magistrate Samuel Mungai, who is presiding over the case, closed the cross examination of witnesses and adjourned the court to Thursday, 18 February 2021.
Over a week ago, KDF commenced nationwide recruitment drive targeting to recruit over 4,400 officers and men.
KDF continues to insist to Kenyans that that the recruitment is open, free and fair to all eligible candidates.

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